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Z0RG C1TY was produced between Dec. 2012 and April 2013. It was engineered by Chad Munson at The Avenue Recording Co. in Saskatoon, SK and produced by Duncan Pickard. Mastered by Gavin Gardiner at Lacquer Channel.

Jeanette Stewart - vocals, guitar
Levi Soulodre - guitar
Tyson McShane - bass
Aaron Scholz - drums


released April 26, 2013



all rights reserved


jeans boots Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Rocktober
she wrote the stars upon your arms
carved you a new
ball point scar
and while she kissed you i climbed parking lots
to strum these quiet chords
all the notes on a shit guitar/ brought me no closer to your heart

still no closer

no one likes the month of october
sky is grey and the weather is colder
we catch the last train for the coast
fill our hearts up with hope
and we go

but still no closer to you
Track Name: Asshole
John was a modern man/
his office had a cafeteria
where he'd buy his sandwiches/
and meet you when the morning turns to day

before all of the black messes
coated up your eyelashes
and you make him give up
on all of your charms

this love is like a black stone
sinking to the bottom of the river
oh will you be the water?
come to rush over?

don't make me give up
on all of your charms

he sees you at the party
you're looking pretty hazy
why don't you love me baby?
why don't you love me baby?
but the lipstick on his window
spells it out, he's an asshole

and he makes you give up
on all of his charms
and you make him give up
on all of your charms
Track Name: No Poet
i am not a poet/ i'm a broken heart
and i give all the pieces away
if you'd like i would give some to you
if you promise to come back someday
Track Name: Berlin
get me a time machine
silver panels
neon gleam
take me back to the morning

my love we built the Berlin Wall
have we given up on it all?
will it crumble will it fall?
I wear all black just like a funeral.